A general vacate requires your home to be empty. If there are items in the cupboards, on the floors etc. – we will clean around them. Cleaners shall not be responsible for the moving of items in order for the space to be cleaned.

The price you have been quoted is based on a vacate cleaning service for a reasonably clean, empty property. Any homes that are very dirty or have had tenants evicted will incur an additional charge. This will be discussed with the client on the day when the cleaner views the property. As part of the vacate, the cleaning process may include:

Cook top
Range hood
All cupboards (in & outside)
Sinks and taps
Shower area (Shower screens, bathtub and wall tiles)
Toilets (Clean bowl and seat inside and outside)
All mirrors and cupboards (in and out)
Floor mopping
Bathroom vent

*Any areas that have grout will be charged separately and are not a part of a general vacate. We give the bathrooms a thorough clean. However any stained grout will require an alkaline solution or a high-pressure extraction machine, which can be done at an additional cost.

General Interior/Lounge & bedrooms:
Dusting blinds #
Dusting of light fittings
Remove all visible cobwebs
All windows sills (insides)
All skirting board, cabinets, door and light switches
Railing cleaned if applicable

# We only dust the blinds in a general vacate. If they have residue or are quite dirty, please let the cleaners know in advance, as this will incur an extra charge to wash the blinds. Please refer to additional services at the bottom of this sheet.

All floors vacuumed
Hard floors mopped
Additional Services (will incur an extra charge):
Fridge/ Oven/ Appliance clean
Wall spot clean and scuff marks*
Wall clean*
Window cleaning (inside and/or outside)**
Air-conditioning vents
Deep shampoo/ steam carpet cleaning
Grout cleaning/ removal
Washing of blinds
Removing weeds
Lawn mowing and gardening
Cleaning of balcony/ garden/ yard/ veranda/ patio/ driveway/ garage/ fencing***

* Wall cleaning only includes a general wipe down of the walls and non-permanent marks/ stains cleaning.

** If there are permanent fixtures on windows or walls, they will be dusted and cobwebs removed. However, ECS is shall not be directly nor indirectly, responsible for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by removing of fixtures (e.g.: fly screens, lighting).
** Window cleaning outdoors (ground floor only).

*** Cleaning outdoor spaces includes removing cobwebs, sweeping and removal of rubbish/ garden debris.

We recommend that the property gets inspected on immediate completion of the vacate clean. Therefore, if there are any areas you need cleaned more thoroughly it can be done right away. If you notify us within 48 hours of the vacate of anything you may be unhappy with, we will to the best of our ability rectify the problem. However, anything ECS is informed 48 hours after the vacate has been completed may incur an additional charge if you require further cleaning.



The Client by this policy agreement engages Eirene Cleaning Services, here on known as ECS, to perform the cleaning services as set out above (“Cleaning Service”). ECS has agreed to perform the services for the customer for the price (“The Fees”) on the terms set out in the invoice.

ECS represents and warrants to the Client that ECS has all the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to perform the services and will perform the services to a good and proper standard.
ECS holds all necessary licenses and permits required in order to allow the cleaners to perform the “Cleaning Service”.



The Client has agreed to pay ECS the fees at the times set out and agreed by both ECS and Client. The price includes GST and is the full amount, which the Client will pay for the performance of the services.

In respect of ECS Fees, the Contractor will issue a tax invoice for the services setting out the services performed, the date they were performed and by whom. The tax invoice will also separately identify all expenses and any GST payable.

The tax invoice will be issued by the Contractor at least seven(7) days prior to the due date for payment of ECS fees or any instalments thereof as so invoiced or the instalment (which is due) as set out in the tax invoice.



3.1 If the Client fails to pay the whole or any part of the Contractors fees without reasonable and lawful excuse, ECS may at the Contractor’s absolute discretion:

(a) Suspend the performance of the services until the Contractor’s fees then outstanding are paid and/or:
(b) Serve a written notice on the Client requiring the outstanding amount of the Contractor’s fees to be paid within seven(7) days and if not so paid by written notice terminate the agreement and/or:
(c) Take legal action against the Client for the outstanding Contractor’s fees as a debt immediately due and owing.



4.1 The Client indemnifies ECS against:

i) loss or damage to property (including cleaning works);
ii) claims in respect to personal injury or death, arising out of, connected to or as a consequence of the contractor and or sub-contractor:
Breaching this contract; and
iii) any liability that ECS may suffer or incur under a statutory warranty in connection with the cleaning service.



Office Hours
8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Mon – Fri)
8:30 am – 2 pm (Sat)

Cleaning Hours
8:00 am – 8:00 pm (Mon – Sun)

Holidays: ECS will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labour Day, New Year’s Day and Memorial Day

If any of our cleaners become unable to perform the scheduled cleaning services due to illnesses or emergencies, ECS will notify the client 12 hours in advance to reschedule.



ECS does not include the lifting of heavy items such as but not restricted to couches, dressers, book shelves, boxes and gym equipment. Items that would be moved to clean under would be such as light floor lamp and light kitchen chairs.

If dishes are in the sink while dish washing is not required by the client, our ECS cleaner will not be able to clean and sanitize the sink. The client has to make sure all dishes are put away if the sink is to be cleaned that day.

Clients need to remove heavy amounts of clutter are off the tops of counters, tables, side tables, to allow cleaners to clean more efficiently.

In order for ECS cleaners to work efficiently and provide the client with the best value, it is important for cleaners to have uninterrupted access to the areas of the assigned property to be cleaned. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, and ECS shall not assume liability for the safety of others, including children and pets.

The client will resume all responsibility of remaining at the location where the cleaning is being performed. The client is advised to stay clear of areas being cleaned during the cleaning process and keep children and pets away in a separate place that would allow ECS cleaners to work freely, effectively and without distractions.



ECS will provide all cleaning supplies.



Due to the unpredictable nature of cleaning, ECS cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival. We require the flexibility to arrive and depart between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or off office hours for commercial properties and offices.

ECS will, however, provide an estimated block time to expect our arrival; however, we reserve the right to arrive earlier or later than the estimated arrival time due to circumstances beyond our control such as traffic conditions, weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.



ECS is insured with public liability and all independent contractors and employees are required to have a current police check certificate to ensure the safe welfare of our clients.

No matter how much care and pride we take when cleaning clients’ premises, accidents can and may happen. If you notice any breakage/damage, the cleaner and/or client must notify ECS Head Office immediately, so that we may take the appropriate action.

Items of extreme value (monetary or sentimental) should be dusted or cleaned by the Client. Please note that antiques, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind and hard-to find items are not covered by our breakage and loss policy. So clients can either choose to clean such items themselves, or allow the cleaner to clean/ move such items at the client’s risk and liability.



For safety regulations, ECS cleaners shall not lift anything weighing more than 15kgs. If clients wish ECS cleaners to clean behind anything heavy such as a couch, they will need to move it prior to the cleaning service to allow our cleaners access to that area. We only use a two-step ladder.

Wherever windows, furniture or fans are affected we do what is within reach with a two step ladder and extended cleaning tool. ECS cleaners shall not clean any external areas exceeding 10 Metres in height. ECS Cleaners reserve the right not to clean areas or heights that they have reason to deem hazardous.

The client must notify ECS by telephone at least 24 hours prior to scheduled service of any infectious diseases that occur in their household. ECS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the cleaning service given these circumstances.

By agreeing with this policy, the client declares that there are no infectious diseases in or on the premises that could be harmful to a worker.

All ECS activities are conducted in accordance with the Statutory Australian Health & Safety Legislation for each State.

ECS complies with Australian policy on harmful and hazardous substances for each State.

ECS ensures its staff and subcontractors are sufficiently trained and/or experienced to perform their tasks and report accidents as required by Australian Regulations for each State.

When carrying out commercial cleaning, carpet and window cleaning and grounds maintenance, ECS ensures that safe work practices are followed by its staff and subcontractors. This includes using appropriate warning signs for work in progress, appropriate safety clothing and use of equipment.


11. ECS is responsible for:

 Providing and maintaining a work environment, equipment and systems which do not expose staff or subcontractors to hazards.
 Reporting to clients any hazards on client premises which may adversely affect ECS staff or subcontractors.
 Providing information, training and supervision so that employees are not exposed to hazards while working.
 Ensuring that only trained, experienced, suitably insured and equipped subcontractors or employees undertake work on behalf of ECS.
 Consulting and co-operating with employees on occupational health and safety issues.
 Ensuring employees and subcontractors use appropriate safety equipment where necessary
 Maintaining equipment in a safe operating condition.


12. ECS employees are responsible for:

 Following the company’s verbal and written safety policy and safety guide including those in the Service Agreement and Client log book.
 Taking reasonable care to protect their health and safety as well as the health and safety of others.
 Cooperating with ECS to ensure their work environment and work practices are safe.
 Reporting any workplace situation which may constitute a hazard.
 Using safety equipment provided by ECS.


13. ECS contractors are responsible for:

 Fully training themselves and their staff in safe working practices.
 Equipping themselves and their staff with suitable safety equipment and maintaining equipment safely.
 Ensuring that they and their staff use safety equipment at all times to comply with Australian Regulations for each State.
 Fully insuring themselves and their staff against public liability and workers compensation.
 Showing current insurance certificates to ECS prior to commencing work.
 Undertaking work on behalf of ECS safely, professionally and to a high standard.



 Cleaners must wear a safety mask when using bleach or products with ammonia in confined places or when spraying pesticides.
 Always wear gloves when cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.
 Always use rubber sole shoes in the home you clean. Where this is not possible at certain properties homes, cleaners need to at least wear them when cleaning wet surfaces like showers to prevent slipping.
 Always lock doors when cleaning near them so no one will accidentally knock into you while coming in.
 Always take care when walking on fresh mopped floors.
 Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
 Watch your footing when vacuuming steps.
 Always carry your cell phone on you in case of an emergency.
 Use eco-friendly products where possible.


15. PETS

ECS is proud to operate a pet-friendly cleaning service and we take special care in making your pet feel comfortable during our cleaning process. However, if clients have aggressive pets, please secure them during the service. Please make sure, however, that our ECS cleaners still can access all necessary rooms in order to do the scheduled work. Our cleaning services do not include cleaning animal faeces/ dropping, feline litter boxes, dog kennels and bird cages.



ECS shall be closed for business when severe weather conditions prevent safe road travel. We will then notify the client to reschedule the cleaning service.



The client may reschedule, change or cancel any of your cleanings by giving us 48 hours’ notice. Any rescheduling or cancellation request made by the client in less than 48 hours will impose a cancellation fee of $25.00, payable by the client.

If an ECS cleaner arrives at the premises to be cleaned and there is no one there or we are locked out of the premises, where the client did not provide a 48 hour reschedule/ cancellation notice, a $25.00 transportation fee shall be billed to the client on the next cleaning.



We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time in our sole discretion and without prior notice to you, the Client.

We encourage clients to review our Policy updates regularly for changes and let us know if you have questions about this policy.

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